What makes a great food blog?

What makes a great food blog?

This is a food blog about food blogs. Here I intend to release my thoughts on what I read from other food blogs. To my fellow bloggers, treat this not as a critique but rather another harmless opinion in our selfcomplicatedbutalwaysfascinating passion and search for great food everywhere.

Don’t we all love food bloggers. What’s not to love? With our passion in food, they provide us, Singaporeans, an intimate look into the lives of food lovers and chefs. With my obsession for food I am basically thinking about food all day. So what makes me stay on a food blog? Food is all about passion, so I guess first thing for me when looking for a great food blog is the passion in the writing. Without passionate writing the blog tends to be boring; no engaging content for us to follow. What we need is some character and personality in the articles and that comes from the blogger himself/herself. I just adore food bloggers who blog about food they really really enjoy.

Besides words another reason why I stay on a blog is for the pictures; if it looks pretty why leave it? In addition to passion and pictures, I would say recipes matter as well. If the recipes don’t work I would never go back. Remember, your kitchen experience is what others can benefit from so we want you to share it.

Last, but not least regularity. How often the blog gets updated would be as important. Should the blog be updated everyday, once a week or monthly? As long as they stick by a routine I am happy. We humans do not like change very much. To sum it all up, there is not one simple way of deciding what makes a great food blog but these are mine. These are my favorite food blogs:
1. Pioneer Woman - http://thepioneerwoman.com
2. Bakerella - http://www.bakerella.com
3. Chocolate & Zucchini - http://chocolateandzucchini.com
4. Ieatishootipost - http://ieatishootipost.sg
5. Seriouseats - http://www.seriouseats.com

What are your criteria for a great food blog?

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